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HS Parent Letter Distance Learning Plan
HS Parent Letter Distance Learning Plan
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 17, 2020

Dear G-A Families,
I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and well. We have missed the bright smiles
and friendly faces roaming the halls of the high school building. Covid-19 certainly has turned
our “normal” into an unknown. However, we are excited to get back to learning and connecting
with students on a regular basis. We have been working hard to review the Executive Orders
issued by the state as well as the guidelines provided by the Michigan Department of Education
to provide the best learning opportunity for students. Thank you for your patience as we
navigate uncharted waters.
We realize there are many of you who are anxious about the end of the year traditions we share
at G-A. We are going to try our best to honor what we can. We will be hosting a graduation
ceremony, but do not know when. All other typical events of the spring are an unknown.
We will kick off our distance learning on Monday, April 20! Your teachers are ready to see your
faces, answer your questions, and guide you through this process. With that said, remember this
type of learning is a new adventure for our staff as well. Teachers will be learning throughout
this process along with all of you. Things will not be perfect.
Here are a few areas to highlight:
Due to the nature of these times, students who are satisfied with their current grade in an elective
class will be granted credit for the class if they were on track to earn that credit. If a student
recognizes he/she must submit additional work in order to bring their grade to a passing level,
they must coordinate with the respective teacher to submit work. Teachers will be reviewing
grades based on all work assigned prior to March 13, 2020. Students have until May 8, 2020 to
submit all third marking period work.
Elective courses do include the last hour of the day for 8th grade students. If you are an 8th
grade student enrolled in a high school credit bearing class, you will continue working through
the end of the school year (Spanish and Algebra I). You will also continue working through all
of your core academic classes.
Core Classes
All students will continue working on their core academic classes for the remainder of the
regular school calendar year. Teachers will focus their attention on Essential Learning
Objectives (ELOs) of their courses and use those to guide instruction. Teachers will present
one-two key ELOs in a week. ELOs are considered the foundational knowledge of the course as
determined by the department. If you have not accessed the Curriculum Guide in the past, here
is a link for your review.
Distance Learning Delivery Options
Students will have two different modes of learning. Students with devices and internet service
will receive instruction through their teacher’s Google classroom link. Students who do not have
internet access will be provided packets with instruction and practice.
Students who are learning through packets will be provided two weeks worth of work. Each
week’s worth of work should include an explanation of the ELO, the instructions for the
assignment related to the ELO, a mini review of the instruction, and an assessment to determine
the student’s grasp of the material. We will not be returning the packets to the building at this
time. Students are asked to send a picture of their work to their teacher’s school email address.
If students are not able to submit a picture of their work, we ask students to place their completed
work in their envelope and keep it in a safe place until we are able to return and collect that
work. Students who have questions about the assignment are encouraged to call their teachers,
or if at all possible, email them. In addition, any student who is learning via packets is invited to
join office hours with their teachers at any time (Office hours details to follow).
The first round of packet pick up will start Monday, April 20! Families are asked to pick up their
student’s packet at the high school Monday starting at 4:30 pm and running through 9:00 pm.
Packets will be available Tuesday from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. If a packet is not picked up by the
family by 1:00 pm Tuesday, we will try our best to deliver the packet with food distribution on
Wednesday. We are struggling to find volunteers to fill all roles for food distribution, so this
method of delivery may be a challenge. If we are not able to distribute with food delivery on
Wednesday, the packets will be available by setting up an appointment with administration.
Students who are learning via the internet will be assigned to a Google classroom (GC) via their
classroom teacher. Students are expected to log into their GC and follow the instructions
provided. Families can expect one 15-25 minute introductory lesson of the ELO followed by one
15 minute mini-lesson two school days later. The introductory video should include an overview
of the ELO, possibly a lecture/explanation more in depth, modeling, practice, and an assignment
with explanation. The 15 minute mini-lesson will be a follow up to the introduction and will
build from the content and/or student feedback. Students should anticipate approximately 3.5
hours of engagement between their lessons and their assignments per day. (See the table below
for the lesson delivery schedule)
Lesson Delivery Schedule
Math Science English Social
Spec Ed
Lesson Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Follow Up
Mini Lesson
Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday
Lessons should be around 15-25 minutes for the week’s standard.
Mini lessons should be around 15 minutes and reinforce the week’s standard. The mini
lesson should reflect the needs and questions expressed by students.
Teachers will try their best to post their lesson and mini lessons by 10:00 am on their assigned
day of the week. Please understand they have families at home too and need some flexibility.
Office Hours
All staff will be assigned office hours in order to accommodate the needs of their students.
Office hours are a live chat format utilizing Zoom or Google Meet. Students are strongly
encouraged to join the live chat to ask clarifying questions, connect with their classmates, and
engage in conversation with their teachers. Parents/Guardians are asked to request a separate
time to speak with a teacher via live chat, phone call, or email exchange. (See the table for
assigned office hours.)
Office Hours Schedule
Time Staff
7:45-8:45 Staff Meets with Mrs. Robinson & Mr. Dolph
8:45-9:45 Ms. Quartermaine
Mr. Enders
Mr. Sleight
Mr. Verduzco
Ms. Hinga
9:45-10:45 Mr. Gifford
Mr. Holm
Mr. Rietdyk
10:30-11:30 Mr. Brown
10:45-11:45 Ms. Pollard
Mr. Curtiss
Ms. Ross
Ms. McKinley
11:00-12:00 Mr. Shriver
11:45-12:45 Ms. Stack
Mr. Woodard
Mr. Baumann
*By appointment
Ms. Shepherd
Ms. Smith
*Ms. Cataldo
*Ms. Niesen
*Mr. Smith
*Mr. Walker
*Ms. Hawk
Staff is expected to be available via live chat during their office hours. However, a staff
member may on occasion have a family commitment that pulls them from their desk. In this
event, teachers are asked to have a department member cover for them. This should be a rare
incident. Specials teachers will have flex hours but can available upon request.
Grades will be produced for students based on their effort and engagement in the class. Teachers
will provide feedback for students throughout the remainder of the year. Students are expected
to work toward mastery of the assigned ELO as shown through their efforts on the assessments
provided by your teachers. Students may be asked to submit digital assignments/assessments.
Again, the goal is to show effort and continued learning. Students should not place undue
pressure or stress on themselves during this time. Students will be awarded the following grades:
CR = Credit, the student showed effort over the course of the third and fourth marking period
and worked on the ELO to the level of Developing or Mastery as described by the department
NC = No Credit, the student did not show effort over the course of the third or fourth marking
period in a way that demonstrated Developing or Mastery of content as described by the
I = Incomplete, the student was not able, for reasons related to the Covid-19 crisis, and has been
identified by the teacher as a student who needs to extend the class through the first semester of
the 2020-2021 school year, in order to show Developing or Mastery of the content as described
by the department
True Letter Grade = Students may request to have a true letter grade assigned. If students elect
this method of grading the student must submit that request in writing by May 22, 2020. Student
letter grades will be calculated using a formula of 70% third marking period and 30% fourth
marking period.
GPA = Grades for the second semester of 2019-2020 will not be calculated into the cumulative
GPA of students as recommended by MASSP and MAISA in their guidance documents.
In addition to the academic needs of our students, we recognize the need to support our
emotional and social needs of our students. Mr. Dolph and members of his Social Emotional
Team will be reaching out to students on a weekly basis to have a short conversation about their
overall mental health and ways we can assist.
We are also developing a page on the district website that will house all suggested links and
Google classrooms for teachers. We will send an email to all students when the site is live and
functioning as intended.
We know this is a lot of information to process at one time. If you have any questions or
concerns please do not hesitate to email, call, or drop in for a live chat. We will make it through
this together! One day at a time!!
Warmest wishes to you and yours!
Christie Robinson Brian Dolph
Principal Dean of Students