Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools provides quality elementary and secondary resource programming and related services for eligible students with a disability. Special education programming and services are implemented according to each eligible student's Individualized Education Plan or IEP with a focus on academics, communication, and/or social-emotional goals and objectives. Listed below is a summary of programs and services which may be provided through a student's IEP depending on the determination of the IEP Team.

G-A Primary School (Pre-K-3): ECSE Programming
Pull-Out Programming
Push-In Programming
G-A Middle School (4-7): Pull-Out Programming
Co-Teaching Supports
G-A High School (8-12): Pull-Out Programming
Co-Teaching Supports
Michigan Merit Curriculum
Alternative Learning Curriculum
Work Based Learning
Off-Site Programming (Birth-Up To-26 Years): Disability Related Programming
Woodsedge Learning Center
Young Adult Program (YAP)
Special Ed. Vocational Ed.
Project Search Program
Young Adult Community Campus
Related Services: Speech and Language Therapy
School Social Work Services
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Teacher Consultant Services
KRESA Teacher Consultant Services
Extended School Year (ESY)
Special Transportation