Transparency Reporting

Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools operates on a budget funded mainly by state aid and property taxes. The budget is managed by the business office, the superintendent and the Board of Education in accordance with state regulations. An independent accounting firm conducts annual audits. Within the audit is the management discussion and analysis that offers financial statements about Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools for that fiscal year. To view budgets, audits and other business and operation items please see our document list below. 

To view Galesburg-Augusta's State data, please click on the MI School Data link to the Education Dashboard below.

MI School Data


Covid - 19 Dashboard

Budget Resolutions

2020-21 Revised General Fund Budget Resolution #2

2020-21 Revised Food Service Fund Budget Resolution

2020-21 Original Student and School Activity Fund Budget Resolution

Personnel Expenditures

2019-20 Personnel Expenditures Pie Chart

Current Operating Expenditures

2019-20 Operating Expenditures Pie Chart

Current Bargaining Agreements

2020-2023 Superintendent Contract Updated

2020-2021 Galesburg Augusta Education Association Agreement

2018-20 Paraprofessional Agreement

2020-22 Secretary-Library Clerk Agreement

2017-20 Food Service Agreement

Other Employee Groups

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Administration and Central Office

Dental Plan
Vision Plan
Long Term Disability - Superintendent
Life Insurance - Superintendent

Secretaries and Library Clerks

Dental Plan
Vision Plan
Long Term Disability
Life Insurance


Dental Plan
Vision Plan
Long Term Disability
Life Insurance

ACA Eligible Employees
Health Insurance Plan Bids

Health Plan Insurance Bids

Audited Financial Statements

2019-2020 Audited Financial Statements

District Paid Association Dues

2019-20 District Paid Association Dues

Employee Compensation Information

2020 Compensation and Benefits for Superintendent and employees paid $100,000 or more

District Paid Lobbying Cost

The District did not incur any lobbying expenses.

District Credit Card Information

District Credit Card Information

Out of State Travel Costs

2019-2020 Out of State Travel Costs

Deficit Elimination

Not Applicable - District is not in Deficit

Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Policy

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Policy

Check Register

Check Register 2019-20 Fiscal Year

FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

FOIA Procedures and Guidelines

Evaluation Assurances

MASSP Teacher Evaluation System Posting and Assurances

School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System Posting and Assurances