SAC Admissions Changes


As we get ready to start the 2023-24 academic and athletic year, I would like to provide everyone with an update on some changes with the athletic admission policies in our athletic conference and neighboring conferences. The price of admission will now be $4 for middle school athletic events and $6 for high school athletic events in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (our conference).  Other conferences have raised their admission prices to $5 for middle school and $7 for high school events, so please be prepared if we are playing at a non-conference school.

The reason for the change in admission prices is due to the increase in officials’ pay. So why the need to increase the pay? Unfortunately, we have seen a drastic decline in the number of officials over the past few years. There are several contests that are canceled each year due to no officials being available or contests that take place with a partial officiating crew. There are multiple reasons for this decline, but the number one reason is the abuse that has been directed towards officials by public spectators. Raising the pay will hopefully attract more officials while we work on better ways to support our officials.

 Galesburg-Augusta students will continue to receive free admission at our regular season home events. Please note, students in grades K-6 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive free admission. Students in grades 7-12 need to present their student I.D. to receive free admission.

Senior citizens will continue to receive free admission for S.A.C. events with a senior citizen pass. Passes are free and are available in the middle school or high school offices. Most leagues accept the pass as well for free admission or a discounted rate.

One last item to note. Many schools are going to online tickets sales only. Credit and debit cards will be accepted at these schools, but no cash will be accepted. Galesburg-Augusta will continue to accept cash, and we will also have card readers for those that want to use a credit card/debit card. My plan is to put a link on the school website that will list the policy at each league school. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. My office phone number is 269-484-2016 and my email address is

Take care,

Mike Woodard

Galesburg-Augusta High School Athletic Director

Go Rams!