G-A High School Program of Studies Guide

Dear Students and Parents:

The selection of an academic program is an extremely important process in a student’s school career.  We have found that careful planning by students and parents, coupled with knowledgeable guidance by teachers and counselors, has a positive effect on future success.

This booklet is designed to serve as a guide to planning individual programs of study at Galesburg-Augusta High School.  All students will create an Educational Development Plan (EDP) within the Xello website based on the Career Pathway model.  Educational Development Plans will be reviewed and updated annually.  Each academic plan should take into consideration graduation requirements as well as student interests, abilities, and aspirations.

A summary of course offerings is included and arranged by department in the back of this book.  Students indicate elective course preferences in late winter/early spring through the PowerSchool online portal.  The master schedule will be driven by student interest, therefore students are expected to make a carefully informed decision when choosing preferences.  

We strongly encourage the continued involvement of parents in the process of academic planning for each school year.  The best choices are made by students and parents who have read this information carefully.

Best wishes for a successful school year,

G-A High School Counseling Department

2022-2023 Program of Studies