Covid Protocols

Hello G-A Families,

I want to provide you with the protocols and guidance we will be following this school year in response to a positive Covid-19 case.  As you may know, all of the recommendations have changed in the past month.  The US is considered to no longer be in a "pandemic" state.  As a nation and a local community, we have learned much about how to keep ourselves safe.

What will happen if...

Sick Student at school If a student reports to the office and is presenting Covid-like symptoms, the parent/guardian will be called to pick up their child. The district will not be testing students at school.  Testing will be the responsibility of the family.  However, each building has home tests that they can offer your family.

We ask that parents/guardians directly notify the office of their child's building by email or phone if their child tests positive.  The office will let you know to isolate your child for 5 days from the onset of symptoms, or the date of the positive test if there are no symptoms.  Students can return on the 6th day, so long as they are fever free (without medication), and their other symptoms have improved.  We highly encourage a mask for days 6-10.  

There will be no distance learning option this year.  Parents can ask for work to be collected and picked up.

Again, positive Covid test results must be reported directly to the front office; not to a classroom teacher, support staff, the athletic director, nor a coach.  

We will no longer conduct any contact tracing as a result of an exposure.  There will be no formal notices to families or the public as we were required to do in the past.  This will now be in alignment with how we, as a district, communicate any other communicable disease such as chicken pox or whooping cough. All communicable diseases, Covid being one, are reported to the Health Department on a weekly basis.

The most strongly recommended mitigation strategies are to continue having your child practice good hygiene by washing hands frequently.  Of course it is always your choice to have your student wear a mask.  The district continues to have masks available if needed. 

As in all situations, should circumstances change that cause us to reevaluate our protocols, we will certainly do so.  

Should you have any questions or need for clarifications, please reach out to your building's principal. Thank you.